Aichi Triennale 2022: STILL ALIVE (July 30 - Oct. 10, 2022)


Aichi Triennale 2022, the latest iteration of one of Japan's largest international art festivals, features 100 individuals and groups of artists from both Japan and abroad. In addition to the Aichi Arts Center, the triennale will be held at venues in the cities of Ichinomiya and Tokoname, and Nagoya's Arimatsu district. The genre-spanning, cutting-edge art event will include contemporary art, the performing arts, and learning programs. The theme of this iteration, "STILL ALIVE," was inspired by I Am Still Alive, a series of works by the Aichi-born conceptual artist On Kawara in which he continually reaffirmed his own existence by sending out telegrams. By interpreting this theme from multiple perspectives, Aichi Triennale 2022 endeavors to create a place for scintillation encounters and experiences, which promise to imbue us with the positive energy needed to live for tomorrow.

Further information can be found on Aichi Triennale 2022 Official Website



Artistic Director

Kataoka Mami (Director of the Mori Art Museum and President of the CIMAM)


July 30 (Saturday) to October 10 (Monday, public holiday), 2022 [73 days]

Main Venues

Aichi Arts Center
Ichinomiya City
Tokoname City
Arimatsu, Nagoya City


Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee