Soga Shōhaku: The Ultimate Eccentric (Oct. 8 - Nov. 21, 2021)


Soga Shōhaku, Lions, ca. 1764, Ink on paper, Pair of hanging scrolls, Chōden-ji temple


The son of a Kyoto merchant, the mid-Edo Period artist Soga Shōhaku (1730-1781) began pursuing a career in painting after the death of his family. He created a large body of work while traveling around places like Matsuzaka, Ise and Takasago, Banshu. Shōhaku's highly idiosyncratic pictures, depicting fantastic realms with powerful brushstrokes and brilliant colors, are filled with both grotesque and humorous elements, making them endlessly captivating. Details regarding the first 30 or so years of Shōhaku's career remain unknown. By that time, he had already established an individualistic style, and made a name for himself throughout the country before returning to Kyoto in his later years. Although there is a tendency to focus on Shōhaku's bizarre expressions, the artist's knowledge of Chinese culture and waka poetry, which are concealed in his works, reflect the extent of his learning. Toward the end of his life, Shōhaku toned down the eccentric aspects of his work, and devoted himself to more sober depictions. This exhibition, spanning Shōhaku's entire career, sheds light on how the artist's eccentric style culminated in a tranquil approach in his final years.

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