Permanent Collection

Fine art of the twentieth century

The museum's Collection features international and domestic fine art of the twentieth century. It covers art movements from the twentieth century up to the present with works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt, and Paul Klee.
We have significant paintings and sculptures by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and other German Expressionists, works by Joan Miro, Max Ernst, and other Surrealists, and postwar art of the USA.

Our collection of Japanese art includes works by Yuichi Takahashi, a pioneer in western-style oil paintings, as well as pieces by Ryuzaburo Umehara and Sotaro Yasui, along with masterpieces of Japanese-style paintings by Taikan Yokoyama and Shunso Hishida. Works by contemporary artists are also collected, as are those by artists and works deeply connected with Aichi Prefecture.

Gustav Klimt
Life is a Struggle
(Golden Rider) 
Yuichi Takahashi
Shinobazu Pond
Sotaro Yasui
Lamaist Shrine at Chengteh 1938

Hisida Shunso
Landscape in Autum 1908

Paul Klee
Dance of Moth 1923

Teizo Kimura Collection

This impressive collection comprising over three thousand works of art was donated to the museum by the late Teizo Kimura (1913-2003), a famous art collector in Nagoya, and his family. Among the highlights of the collection are literati paintings by URAKAMI Gyokudo and YOSA Buson, other paintings from the Edo period (1600-1868), works by Usen Ogawa, a leader of modern Japanese-style paintings, and those by Morikazu Kumagai and Kokuta Suda who kept company with Kimura. Chinaware, craftwork, Buddhist images from China and Japan, and archeological artifacts are also included, reflecting the collector’s wide interest.
These works are displayed in the Teizo Kimura Collection Room and in some of the special exhibitions.

Morikazu Kumagai
Japanese Terrapins 1957

Tatsukichi Fujii Collection

This collection was contributed by Tastukichi Fujii(1881-1964) of Aichi Prefecture, who played an important role in the modernization of many crafts. The fifteen-hundred-piece collection includes his diverse works as well as paintings and craftwork that he collected. These works are presented in the form of permanent collection features.